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  • Make one low affordable monthly payment
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Debt Management

If you can't afford your monthly payments to credit cards, store cards, loans and overdrafts, our debt management plan can replace them all with a single affordable payment. We could also stop demands from your creditors and even reduce or freeze interest and charges on your debts.


An IVA is a simple, flexible and effective way of getting rid of all your debts. You can expect to write off up to 75% of your unsecured personal debts with an IVA. The amount of debt that you can write off with your IVA will depend on what you can afford to pay.


Bankruptcy is often considered the last resort for people struggling with debt because there are other debt solutions to consider first. It is a legal declaration for people who cannot afford to pay their creditors.
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Through these difficult times people can get into debt from personal or secured loans, car financing or mortgages. Many people have mail order debt or are unable to keep up monthly payments on credit cards and loans and are being chased for late payments as a result. If this is the situation NDC can help provide accurate debt advice.

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